Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dave (DD) and Romy (Pebbles) pull in to Coos Bay around 8 PM on Monday evening. I rode the 50 miles down to Port Orford to meet up and ride home with them. They have had a long hard trip from Phoenix where they had their bikes in storage. They are here to get all the arrangements wrapped up for the wedding that will take place on the 19th of July! A little addition to the Oregon Trail Rally.
VROC Plates just warm my heart!
We whipped up a small breakfast for the hungry travelers.
Romy after spending the night in the Kwik Kamp..She said they had a good rest.
Jen, the owner of Captain John's, got us good! I told her that this was the couple that had reserved the "honeymoon" suite for the rally weekend. She asked their names, looking confused, and asked some more questions then said, "I'm sorry, I don't have a reservation for you". Knowing there were no rooms left, we were starting to panic..she gave us this big smile and said "got cha" All is in order!
This is the Beach House next to the Portside.
Captain John's parking lot is just across the street. There is a large fire pit here, just above the Tide line. The 7 bedrooms are already reserved I think. The rally organizer rented the house for the weekend. I'm sure a lot of the rally activities will take place here.
Azaleas are blooming along side the Rhoddys. They have a lot more aroma, the garden has a very sweet odor of all the flowers.
DD (Dave) and Pebbles (R0my). We are in Shore Acres on the Arago Highway. They are here to spend some time looking for the perfect place for a short wedding ceremony this coming July.
Romy grew up on the Indian Ocean in South Africa. She says this area is a lot like it was there. Dave grew up in New Zealand. He's seeing vegetation and scenery that look familiar to him too. They live in Canada, and will be getting married here in Oregon! A real International couple!
DD, Pebbles and Pat in Shore Acres.
DD is shooting Pebbles as she sniffs.
Rhododendrons are in full bloom along the Coast. Many sizes and colors. Shore acres is full of them, and they grow wild every where you can see around the south coast.

Romy checking this yellow rose for bees.
Taken from Shore Acres State Park.
This is the place! At 6:30 PM on the 19th of July, these two will be standing right here! And, they'll leave here a married couple! This is an old WW2 Submarine observation foundation, there was also a heavy gun mounted here. It's a point out over the Pacific Ocean called Cape Arago. The license is in hand, the preacher is arranged, and this spot is reserved with the State Park system.
Wednesday morning. Romy is all packed up and ready to roll. Dave is up there sitting on his bike, also ready to head North. They had a good 2 night rest.
Wednesday 21 May 08. Leaving Coos Bay in a 55 degree damp morning. They both have the electric vests going full bore. Dave and Romy are headed up Hwy 101, their destination is Del Wilson's (Viper) home up near the Columbia River in Washington State. It was a good and productive visit!